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The best of the best

Creative development of live driving sequences for motor shows and sponsored events.

Over the past 10 years we have performed live motoring theatre productions to well over a million people worldwide.

Our team of precision drivers are considered to be the best in the business performing some of the most jaw dropping stunt action ever seen.

Hero Car:

After escaping certain death from the crushing machine, Hero has travelled back from the future to defeat the forces of evil.  Driven by the mystery saviour, our Hero car possesses an impressive array of weaponry.  Illuminated by LED lights and with a flick of a switch the bodywork becomes transparent revealing the 300 bhp Cosworth V6 power unit.  It has several ingenious abilities including fire-breathing, smoke-screening and a clever de-cloaking device.  You wouldn't want to argue would you...?


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The Battle of Britain:

Not quite the quintessential English garden party, quite the contrary in fact as the London bus and black cab, icons of the streets of the capital, rock up in an unusual guise.  The scaled down version of the number 42 features a six cyclinder 3.0 litre Ford Cosworth engine, producing 600bhp means this bus can do smoking donuts like no other! Although the taxi's interior is normal, under the bonnet it has a 350bhp Mitsubishi Evo 9 engine with four-wheel drive, which will give any unsuspecting customer a journey they will never forget! Cab anyone?

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