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Toyota Supra Red Arrows

Toyota Supra Red Arrows
Posted 28th January 2021

 Introducing GR Supra Road Arrows precision driving display

The thrilling spectacle of wing-to-wing flying has been reinterpreted in GR Supra Road Arrows, a driving display that demonstrates the precision handling qualities of Toyota’s sports car.

The synchronised drive was performed by the Paul Swift Precision driving Team for a new short film, available to view here:

 Taking the wheel was a team of expert drivers, whose mastery of car control proved perfect for recreating a series of aerobatic display manoeuvres in a fleet of nine GR Supra coupes. To add to the visual drama and in a tribute to the world’s finest flying aces, each car was fitted with a coloured smoke system.

 The combination of driver skills and car quality is witnessed in a routine which sees the vehicles executing co-ordinated group and solo manoeuvres wing mirror to wing mirror with just inches of clearance. Each one is a road-level version of a famous aerial stunt.

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Paul Swift drew on his 30 years’ experience as a crack precision driver to bring the concept to life. He explained: “I started by choreographing the routines on my kitchen table, borrowing some toy cars from my son. Seeing it done for real with the GR Supra was fantastic.”

Behind the scenes:

Paul Swift
Paul Swift