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Stunt Driving Experience

Experience the ultimate in stunt car driving

The team give you the opportunity to experience some of their most exciting driving stunts. Push yourself to the limit in their fleet of performance cars as you learn how to perform the perfect J-turn just like they do in the movies!

Try your hand at their challenging Auto test stunt track. Set your best lap time on their online leader board with a special prize for the winner!


Ultimate Stunt Experience includes:

  • Welcome briefing
  • Try your hand at speedy handbrake parallel parking
  • Learn how to J Turn (reverse spin)
  • Learn how to perform a 180 handbrake turn
  • Drifting
  • Tackle the slalom Autotest course.
  • Your time submitted onto our online leader-board.
  • Prize for the winner.
  • Spectators welcome
  • Refreshments available on site
  • Venues in North East, Central and South.

Venues & Dates

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