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The best of the best

Creative development of live driving sequences for motor shows and sponsored events.

Over the past 10 years we have performed live motoring theatre productions to well over a million people worldwide.

Our team of precision drivers are considered to be the best in the business performing some of the most jaw dropping stunt action ever seen.

Movie Tributes to Car Ballet

Our choreographed sequences have been labelled as the Cirque du Soleil of the motor world and can be performed in both indoor and outdoor arenas.

From movie tributes to car ballet, our spectacular multi-car action leaves audiences hanging onto the edge of their seats.

The drivers miss each other by inches with a series of adrenalin fuelled stunts including ramp to ramp jumps, drifting, donuts, j-turns and two-wheel driving.

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Italian Job Tribute
Italian Job Tribute
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Top Gear Live Glasgow 2014
Top Gear Live Glasgow 2014
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We provide the consultation services, planning and choreography required to produce innovative and spectacular driving performances.



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