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Stunt Rides

Prepare for the ride of a lifetime with a thrilling stunt passenger ride at the motoring school of Top Gear stunt driver and Guinness World Record-holder Paul Swift.

Start the session with a safety briefing before getting kitted out and sliding into the passenger seat of a purpose-built hot hatch to get revved up and ready for action. Hold on tight as a qualified member of the Paul Swift Precision Driving team performs stunt driving classics such as handbrake turns, handbrake parallel parking, J-turns and donuts, just like they do in the films. Finish off with a totally thrilling high-speed spin on the auto-test stunt track - can you handle it?

  • Enjoy a thrilling stunt ride with Paul Swift Precision Driving
  • Hold on tight for a series of stunning stunt driving moves
  • Go for a high-speed spin on the stunt auto-test track
  • All drivers are qualified members of the Paul Swift driving team

Venues in North East, Central and South.

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